Architecture of Soviet modernism in Togliatti. Photo article. Part 2



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Hi there guys! Glad to see you in Selfietecture, today is the second photo post of our Togliatti soviet modernism project. What is it for, how the idea appeared, how it all began — you can read all of that in these articles:

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How the idea of the book about Togliatti soviet modernism was born? Part 2
Architecture of Soviet modernism in Togliatti. Photo article. Part 1

Today I’m glad to present you another photographer we worked with — Olya Shangina (VKFBIn), author of many stunning photos in this post and just a talented person. And I totally suggest you to subscribe her Instagram.

Olya specializes in interior photography, so today we will be able to look inside of the most beautiful buildings of the Soviet Togliatti. And as a bonus — several informative stories from me) So let’s start!

01. Volgar Sports Palace



We could made a whole book about mosaics of Togliatti. Probably it is the most popular form of monumental art, which is variously presented here. The walls of Volgar Sports Palace are decorated with mosaics over the entire height (which is five floors). Each floor is dedicated to one kind of sports.


Lobby interior and its elegant elements:




And here is the main Arena: the second largest public hall in USSR. I don’t know if the picture can make you feel how giant this space really is, but you know, its height is five floors. It looks exciting, especially when there is no people here.



Why the hockey rink and the scene are both here?

Volgar Sports Palace is very proud of its transformable arena. When hockey game has place here, visitors can only sit in the amphitheater. And when pop-star gig comes, extra seats are appears from under the amphitheater to occupy place of the hockey playground. So giant arena becomes twice bigger.

Soviet pop stars, by the way, loved to have concerts in Togliatti. The reason is that they had an opportunity to get new «Zhiguli» car here without any waiting. Another people had to wait for years, cars was a very deficit product in USSR.



02. Olymp Swimming pool




I have included this building in a previous post, but now I want you to pay attention to mosaic:




And furniture. Look how contemporary this interior seems!



03. Palace of Pioneers

Perhaps, the most controversial building of Togliatti, which has more features of late modernism (1985-1989).

The first project of the Palace of Pioneers in Togliatti printed in «Architecture of the USSR» magazine in 1970 and was much more modernist. But its construction was delayed, and started only in 1980th. As a result, laconic forms the first draft were changed under the influence of postmodernism of 1980th.





04. Saturn cinema theatre

This quite big cinema looks smaller against other giant public buildings of Togliatti. It was projected as the main place of residential axis of Togliatti.





Well, of course, the famous mosaic of Saturn by Andrei Vasnetsov.

Andrei Vasnetsov (grandson of famous russian artist Viktor Vasnetsov) is member of the Academy of Arts, laureate of all possible USSR awards. But his colleagues did not understand him, seeing a mosaic of «Saturn». First of all, the picture is too abstract (curtain), and secondly, this «dull» colors. Gray-black and brown mosaic of «Saturn» were too different from all the mosaics of the Soviet period, which always had red! Saturn mosaic turned out so refined and subtle in its rhythm that it’s maybe kind of «too aesthetic»)



05. Dormitories

Here is famous dormitories for first carmakers, which form a recreational-residential axis of the city. This buildings are very expressive in its rhythm and pattern of windows.

SHA_8342 (1)





Here is enother typology of dormitories which are more closed, with private courtyard.

SHA_8333 (1)



06. School #28 and school #48

Two Togliatti schools which are constructed according the same project.



Laconic spaces a la Campo Baeza. Think, kids love studying there.





All of these buildings (today you’ve seen only part of it) will be included in the album, with the basic drawings, information, and as we plan, memories of eyewitness.

Photo: Olya Shangina (VKFBIn)

You can follow the project here: VKFB, and my Instagram.

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